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    6 Wine, Beer and Cider Pairings to Couple with Fidler & Co. Dishes

    There are countless reasons being a BYO is the way to go, not the least of which is that you, our savvy customer, may bring your favorite libation to go with your Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery meal.

    Matching food with the right drink is an art in itself, and we totally respect what your taste buds are telling you. Still, we can’t resist giving you our two cents about some of our favorite, time-tested pairings. Consider grabbing one of these the next time you visit us for lunchbrunch or supper (they go great with our gourmet-to-go boxed lunches, too!).

    1. Unoaked Chardonnay with Our Weekly Fish Feature

    Ask your server what we’re cooking up this week, and then pop the cork. This wine is bright with a touch of minerality to enhance, not overpower, chef-owner Josh Fidler’s tantalizing twist on a fish special.

    2. A Witbier with Our Pork + Kimchi Brick Oven Pizza

    Sure, beer goes great with any pizza, but this beer's crisp notes and citrus hints cut through the parm cream and fermented veggies while taming the sriracha.

    3. A Cabernet Sauvignon with Our House Burger

    A hearty meal begs for a bold wine, and this one’s dark fruit notes and complex hints of black pepper, tobacco and even vanilla make it a perfect partner for our sizeable burger loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and your choice of cheese.

    4. A Hard Cider with Our Apple Salad

    This ain’t your grandma’s salad, so choose something other than a white wine. Cider's effervescence tangos with the manchego and the arugula while the not-too-sweet apple essence complements the salad’s cranberries, walnuts and maple vin.

    5. An IPA with Our Crab Cake Small Plate

    You’ll picture yourself on the Chesapeake with this pairing. The beer's big hops can stand up to our rich crab cake dressed with lemon bay aioli and jicama slaw.

    6. A Pear Cider with Our Brunch Offerings

    Cider's bubbly and semi-sweetness is a natural with pretty much anything on our brunch menu. Try it with eggs, French toast, bacon, sausage, pancakes, a biscuit sandwich—the sky’s the limit—it’s the definition of winning!

    Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery, located just outside of historic Gettysburg in the heart of Adams County, in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, was founded as a labor of love by chef and owner Josh Fidler. We are dedicated to providing the best in upscale rustic cuisine, drawing influence from the vast local farmland that surrounds us. We love to cook and cook the things we love. Come experience our farm-sourced fare in a BYOB setting—available for lunchsupper and weekend brunch—and delight your senses in our imaginative chef’s tasting.

    Nina Malone


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