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    Fidler & Co. Featured in “Authentic Adams County” Video

    We were touched—no, honored—to be included in this video about our friends at Rettland Farm. We’re proud to be part of the Adams County sustainable scene.

    Rettland is about as authentic Adams County as you can get—like our chef-owner Josh Fidler, Rettland’s Beau Ramsburg grew up locally and chose to return to his roots near historic Gettysburg. Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery always features one Rettland pork dish on our menu because, quite simply, it can’t be beat. Josh also loves that he can drive out to the farm to cultivate grassroots connections.

    “I think it’s important to use locally sourced food when possible because you have that connection—emotionally—to the food,” Josh explained. “That shows through in the final dishes, not only in flavor but in passion and what you’re willing to put into that final dish.”

    Check out more about award-winning Josh and his love for cooking up all things pork. Then, stop by and taste what all the fuss is about.

    Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery, located just outside of historic Gettysburg in the heart of Adams County, in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, was founded as a labor of love by chef and owner Josh Fidler. We are dedicated to providing the best in upscale rustic cuisine, drawing influence from the vast local farmland that surrounds us. We love to cook and cook the things we love. Come experience our farm-sourced fare in a BYOB setting—available for lunchsupper and weekend brunch—and delight your senses in our imaginative chef’s tasting.

    Nina Malone


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