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    The Full Story Behind Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen

    Not many people change the course of their lives based on a taco, but for our owner, chef Josh Fidler, sinking his teeth into an authentic Mexican taco while in photography school in California did just that.


    That unique twist of fate—experiencing the explosion of real tastes from made-by-hand food—has started a farm-fresh revolution in the Gettysburg area. We’re known out here for the battlefield and other attractions, but our chef hopes to see more and more people coming this way for the dining scene.


    Chef Josh did complete that photography degree, ironically favoring food-focused assignments over all others. He continued to cook as a hobby—a fortuitous choice—as digital media jobs were slim in Adams County. He found himself a waiter at what he calls an ahead-of-its-time spot, Dimitri’s Greek Restaurant. The owner, Jim Coustacosus, saw something in young Josh and soon was sharing his love of simplicity and the big, authentic flavors of fresh cooking.


    “Jim was a visionary, and sadly the area wasn’t ready for it,” Josh said. “When Dimitri’s closed, I started bartending at the local watering hole, Garryowen, and worked my way into the kitchen.”


    What he saw there gave him heart: he realized that the dining public (fed on Food Network shows) were slowly opening their minds and palates. Josh was quickly put in charge of Garryowen’s kitchen, mastering the management side of things while at the same time honing his New American cuisine chops.

    Flash forward to today and our one-year anniversary of Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery, Chef Josh’s dream and dream job. Our BYOB restaurant opened after plenty of underground market research: secret supper clubs. The buzz was huge—the once-a-month club turned to almost weekly, and that was enough to convince Chef Josh that the demand was there for his vision of upscale rustic concept.


    We’ve been fortunate to have such incredible support from the public since opening our doors, welcoming a steady stream of patrons to our charming spot tucked away off of York Street in Biglerville. Our tight-knit culinary team is passionate about busting out a menu of creative cuisine that draws on the surrounding farmlands for inspiration—and then some. Visit us to feast on brunch, lunch and supper featuring everything from sriracha lime grilled octopus with chimichurri and Cornish hen with cast iron veg to Hereford filet mignon with potato puree, baby carrot and blue cheese. We also offer brick oven pizzas, hearty paninis, belly-busting burgers and sandwiches and a grazing board of select cheese, meat and hummus.


    Swinging into town for sightseeing? Our Gourmet Boxed Lunches take tour-group food to the next level with hearty ingredients piled on rustic breads, your choice of a just-made side, our own house-made pickles and a freshly baked cookie. If you’re looking for a more intimate picnic, grab our Gourmet Baskets To-Go, bursting with the best of the greater Gettysburg area: a daily selection of artisan cheeses, fine charcuterie, crackers, local Adams County fruit, olives, whole-grain mustard, assorted house-made pickles and our signature beer and bacon jam, all tucked into in a handy basket with a towel and utensils.


    Slip into town on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday with a least seven of your favorite friends and family members for our almost-secret Chef’s Tastings, a reservation-only, anything-goes dinner at our cozy restaurant. We’ll delight you with five impeccably prepared and presented courses.

    Be warned: our leader’s vision isn’t contained to just our craft restaurant. The chef pictures historic Biglerville bustling with many inspired restaurants—much like in nearby Gettysburg. He loves the idea that more focus-on-fresh could lead to a central distribution system for local produce and a boost to the friendly-family farms that provide so much of what our craft kitchen brings to the table. In the meantime, he’ll continue to passionately celebrate such a mission with each and every artful plate of Fidler & Co.’s food.


    Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery, located just outside of historic Gettysburg in the heart of Adams County, in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, was founded as a labor of love by chef and owner Josh Fidler. We are dedicated to providing the best in upscale rustic cuisine, drawing influence from the vast local farmland that surrounds us. We love to cook and cook the things we love. Come experience our farm-sourced fare in a BYOB setting—available for lunch, supper and weekend brunch—and delight your senses in our imaginative chef’s tasting.


    Nina Malone


    Photography credited to Alexandra Whitney Photography.


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