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    What People Are Saying About Fidler & Co.—We’re a Go-To for Gettysburg Visitors

    We love to see our locals gather at Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery, but we’re equally jazzed when tourists passing through beautiful Adams County stop in for a bite. It’s even more heartwarming to learn they loved their dining experience! Some even take the time to blog about it.

    We’re humbled by these rave reviews:

    The travelers at Packed Suitcase made us blush as a featured place to eat, calling us “a Biglerville BYOB restaurant featuring scratch-made cuisine that’s so good you’ll feel like you’re in a big-city hot spot.”

    We appreciate the Gettysburg Insider’s confirmation that we’re “well worth the drive” from downtown Gettysburg, which is just a few short miles away.

    We loved hosting the Highlands Dinner Club's lunch gathering, and were delighted the members found our lunch "was delicious but it cuts deeper than that … lunch was as wonderfully composed on the palate as on the plate and with a soulful elegance .…”

    We were really happy to be included in the Gettysburg Companion’s “Historic Town Also for Foodies” article (check page 23), calling out our “landscape-based approach” and commitment to local purveyors.

    It warmed our hearts to see Gettysburg’s cozy The Gaslight Inn suggest its patrons head over to celebrate “birthdays, holidays, Fridays, Saturdays and any other excuse we can come up with to eat at Fidler!”

    Speaking of Gettysburg, we appreciate our friends at Savor Gettysburg including us as a great place to stop after one of their tours to see us “flexing our farm-to-table muscle.”

    We cherish our local landmarks, but agree with UncoveringPA that there’s plenty to do beyond the battlefield—including dinner at Fidler & Co. It found “the quality of Chef Josh Fidler’s food seems like it should be winning awards in a large city, instead of being tucked into a tranquil corner of Adams County.”

    Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen & Grocery, located just outside of historic Gettysburg in the heart of Adams County, in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, was founded as a labor of love by chef and owner Josh Fidler. We are dedicated to providing the best in upscale rustic cuisine, drawing influence from the vast local farmland that surrounds us. We love to cook and cook the things we love. Come experience our farm-sourced fare in a BYOB setting—available for lunchsupper and weekend brunch—and delight your senses in our imaginative chef’s tasting.

    Nina Malone

    Top photo, Alexandra Whitney; bottom photo: Beech Springs Farm


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